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Organizational Development

Organizational Development By Stephen Balzac
MG-H 2011 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 0071743820 | PDF | 12 MB

Take a crash course in one of today's most important business skills--organizational development!
Change comes fast, and the most successful organizations are prepared to handle it before impact; they act, not react. How are they able to do this? With a solid grounding in organizational development.

Organizational Development is a skill-building guide to one of the most important functions in business today. In no time, you'll be able to recognize patterns of organizational behavior that are detrimental to your organization, and you'll have the skills to envision and drive the type of change your company needs. Concise, engaging, and filled with quizzes to help you reinforce lessons learned, this crash course offers the knowledge you need to:

Address problems with your company’s culture
Hire the best people for your needs
Set goals and move your team to action
Motivate your people to envision change
Institute meaningful change in how your company functions

Change can be your company's best friend. You just have to manage it with skill. Organizational Development puts you on the fast track to face today’s, not yesterday's, challenges.


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