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The Chief Information Security Officer

The Chief Information Security Officer | 1 MB
By Jake Kouns, Barry L. Kouns | IT Governance Publishing | May 2011 | RETAiL.EBook-DiGiBook
74 pages | English | ISBN: 1849281823

The role of the Chief Information Security Officer has evolved enormously in recent years in response to security threats and a challenging business environment. Instead of being primarily a master technician, today s CISO has to be a trusted advisor to senior management. Read this pocket guide and ...
* Learn how the role of a CISO has changed.
* Today s CISO must be integrated into all aspects of the business and have a full understanding of its strategy and objectives.
* Understand the importance of a risk management methodology.
* A good risk management methodology must take into account the special information security needs of the company as well as legal and regulatory requirements.
* Learn how to establish a successful ISMS.

The guide explains how to design and implement an ISMS that is appropriate for the organization. It also describes the key management system processes that should be included in an ISMS.

Chief Information Security Officers are bombarded with huge challenges every day, from recommending security applications to strategic thinking and business innovation. This guide describes the hard and soft skills that a successful CISO requires: not just a good knowledge of information security, but also attributes such as flexibility and communication skills.


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